Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12/1 • Transpersonal Aspects of Ufology: Channeling, Telepathy, Shamanism and Indigenous Perspectives

Themes for class on Thursday, Dec. 1th

Dear Exophilosophers, since we are not having class on Tuesday because it is Reading Day, I've posted a bunch of material below related to the theme of Transpersonal Aspects of Ufology: Channeling, Telepathy, Shamanism and Indigenous Perspectives on Spirit and Consciousness. 

Also, final projects are due at date of the scheduled final exam period for this class. The final project is a 5 page paper on a topic of your choice, one at least one key text or researcher for your basis. See you tomorrow :)


1. Jacques Vallee, Terence Mckenna and others on UFOS, psychedelics and Transpersonalism

2. More T.M.

3. Sequoyah Trueblood offering First World perspective on spirituality and Oneness

4. Documentary on First World Perspectives on ET

Channeling Extra- and Ultra-terrestrials

Channeling Extra- and Ultraterrestrials 

These are all channeled books that have large scale followings and which I personally find compelling. Enjoy. :)

1. Messages from a group of light beings called the Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak. In this book, they offer an interesting story about the origins of Earth as a collaborative research project undertaken by a collective of ET civilizations. Try and listen to the first couple of chapters.

2. Barbara Hand Clow, another channel for the Pleiadians, her well-known book The Pleiadian Agenda

3. The Law of One • Ra Material, channeled through a scientific research group, as discussed by David Wilcock

4. A General documentary about some contemporary channelers in the US

5. Jane Robert's book "The Nature of Personal Reality" who channels an ET named Seth.

6. A Course in Miracles, a modern spiritual classic channeled through militant atheist scientist Helen Schucman.

7. Gary Renard, author of a ground-breaking book called "The Disappearance of the Universe" based on A Course in Miracles

Monday, November 28, 2016

Tues. Nov. 29th • Meeting with Shafer's Film Studies class again

Dear Exophilosophers, we are going to meet with John Shafer's class again tomorrow, Tues. Nov. 29th in Chapman Hall, Room 605 in the basement level at 2 PM to discuss "Arrival" and also to screen and discuss an edited version of "Fire in the Sky" about the famous Travis Walton abduction case. 

Some documents for your interest:

1. My friend Nancy du Tertre, an exolinguist, wrote an article about "Arrival" that's pretty interesting, called "Story of an Alien Linguist" This is the person I was gonna bring to class this semester but obviously didn't happen.

2. A recent presentation by abductee Travis Walton, telling the true story behind the film we will screen tomorrow. His account is a bit different from the Hollywood version.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

11/17-11/22 • New Theories of Consciousness arising from Research into the UFO Phenomenon

Dear Exo-philosophers, unfortunately I will not be able to make class on Thurs. Nov 17 due to the funeral of a close friend who passed 2 weeks ago. Our next topic is the role of consciousness in the UFO phenomenon. In preparation for our next class meeting on Tues. Nov. 22nd, please review as many of the documents below as you have time for. We will be focussing on the work of three researchers: Jacques Vallee, Stephen Greer and Philip Corso. These researchers have proposed consciousness as (1) having an internal connection to the reality of flying saucers or space craft (2) consciousness or 'coherent thought' as not only guiding but even powering space ships, and (3) collective consciousness as the source of the Others themselves.

Here are some very interesting documents we will discuss on Tuesday. Be well, JG :)

1. Jacques Vallee, "Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena." and "Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Theory"

2. Stephen Greer on Coherent Thought and UFOS

3. Philip Corso on the Role of Consciousness in Driving the Roswell Craft

Thursday, November 3, 2016

More abduction materials

Dear class, we will be finishing up our look at abduction on Tuesday, Nov. 15th. Please review as many of the materials posted below as you have time for, and bring your questions!

A recent article in mainstream psychiatric magazine on alien abduction which cannot make sense of it.

Conclusion from that article:

"Like other traumas, AAE can induce symptoms of acute or chronic PTSD. The various psychoses, personality disorders, and dissociative disorders that could account for abduction experiences are characterized by delusions, so conduct ongoing assessment for these conditions in patients who report AAE. However, evidence suggests that serious psychopathology is no more common among “abductees” than among the general population.12
"Persons reporting AAE exhibit physiologic reactivity as profound as that of survivors of combat or sexual assault.13 This reactivity confirms that the emotional power of the memory is as evocative and problematic as the physiologic reactions attributable to genuine (documented) traumatic events. Because patients have difficulty differentiating these hallucinations from actual events, they experience emotional pain and suffering. Fifty-seven percent of sleep paralysis patients who report AAE attempt suicide.14

Clinical Point

Offer patients with AAE psychotherapy to deal with long-term effects of trauma and problems with mood, sleep, daily functioning, and/or relationships.

There are no FDA-approved medications for treating sleep paralysis. Pharmacotherapy can be used to address psychiatric symptoms such as the depression and anxiety Ms. S exhibited."

Questions from the Roper poll on alien abduction designed by Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs
  • Do you remember ever seeing a ghost?
  • Do you remember feeling as if you left your body?
  • Do you remember seeing a UFO?
  • Do you remember waking up paralyzed with a sense of a strange person or presence or something else in the room?
  • Do you remember feeling that you were actually flying through the air although you didn't know how or why?
  • Do you remember having seen unusual lights or balls of light in a room without knowing what was causing them?
  • Do you remember having seen, either as a child or adult, a terrifying figure-- which might have been a monster, a witch, a devil, or some other evil figure-- in your bedroom or closet or somewhere else?
  • Do you remember experiencing a period of time, an hour or more, in which you were lost, but could not remember why or where?
  • Do you remember having vivid dreams about UFO?
  • Do you remember finding puzzling scars on your body and neither you nor anyone else remembering how you received them or where you got them?