Monday, October 17, 2016

Exophilosophy meeting this week (Oct. 18th & 20th) with Shafer's Film Studies class in Chapman 605

Dear class, we will be meeting this coming week with John Shafer's film studies class in Chapman Hall, Room 605 in the basement level, regular time 2-3:30. On Tuesday, we will be having a general discussion about the culture of aliens and ufos, as portrayed in cinema. I believe we will be screening (an edited version of the) new Independence Day film on Thursday with Shafer's class. If you haven't gotten to them yet, please read and watch the links below. I also added a paper by Michael Salla about the possibility that Gene Roddenberry had access to inside information about ETS which he used to create Star Trek. See you at Chapman hall tomorrow! :) 

1. Michael Salla, "Gene Roddenberry based Star Trek on Secret US Navy Space Fleet"

2. Best website for research into the Majestic 12 Documents

3. Michael Salla, "Eisenhauer's 1954 Meeting with Extraterrestrials"

4. Milton William Cooper, "The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity and Purpose of MJ-12"

April 1961

Harry Truman Dec 1963 Letter to the NYT criticizing the CIA

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